Transforming a real gallery experience to something that delights in a digital world became the work of designer Christine Ting – Huan 挺欢 Urquhart and Creative Technologist Ian Gallagher who used a mixture of 3D design and gaming technology to create an environment that audiences moved through and interacted with as avatars.

Christine Ting – Huan 挺欢 Urquhart – Designer
Christine works in Live Performance as a Set & Costume Designer and as an Art Director / Production Designer for Film. Her heritage is Taiwanese and British mixed and she spent 7 years of her career designing abroad and is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Two Temple Place has a history of being incredibly select with who could walk in and gather inside its walls. There was a front presented by the people inside. There’s a strange beauty in its ornate carvings and deep wood tones that both draws you in but still keeps you at arms distance. How can something that stands so strong make space for our stories?

In digital space I wanted to reimagine these walls as a liminal entity and literally break it apart and fragment it on different axes. The images I have used are scans directly from the catalogue – the building itself is trapped in a certain identity, but here it can be liberated alongside the artists joining it in this digital realm – here, the old and new world collide”

Ian Gallagher Creative Technologist
Ian studied Theoretical Physics at Edinburgh before completing a PhD in Complex Systems at Manchester University where he was heavily involved in the music scene there as a sound engineer and gig promoter as well as playing on stage with the likes of Daniel Johnson and Neva Dinova. He helped found a digital agency – OH Digital – before moving to London and becoming an independent app developer and entrepreneur jumping head first into projects that take his interest. Among others he has helped create high profile apps for Christie’s, Formula One and the Olympics and co-founded a startup – Myriada – focused on the harnessing of collective intelligence.

“What would have been unimaginable a year previously – that we would be in the midst of a dark winter lockdown and with hopes of a return to live events fading – presented an opportunity to find new ways of participating in a shared live experience. The distant sound of the metaverse was growing closer, with geeks like me exploring online VR spaces and NFT galleries but there was nothing quite like CAN X Two Temple Place – created by Astor, reimagined by Christine, and populated by all the amazing CAN artists. A futuristic memory of a place – animated by An-Ting’s haunting music and literally haunted by Astor himself! This new way of exploring art together opened us up to a truly global audience and could point the way to a more inclusive future”

Read other aspects about CAN X Two Temple Place Digital Exhibition: Exhibition, Writing & Performance, Direction & Music


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