Calling all from East and South East Asian backgrounds with a desire to discover their creative voices! 


召集16歲以上,想要探索自己創作濳力的華裔朋友! 每個人都有自己的故事和成為作家或演員的濳力,無論有沒有戲劇經驗,我們的專業指導都將帶領你發掘自己的創作天分,呈現自己的故事。你的創作天份在等待被發覺,屬於你的故事即將獲得呈現,無論是否有戲劇經驗,參與我們的工作坊,讓它激發你成為作家或演員的潛力! 著名作家及演員Daniel York Loh和戲劇導演Lexine Lee將帶領這個短期課程,指導大家的創作練習,發展屬於自己的故事。四個工作坊課程,十八個參與者,最後作品將呈現在New Diorama...
Recruitment: Production Manager

Recruitment: Production Manager

The recruitment pack contains the full job description and person specification for the Production Manager role at Chinese Arts Now. CAN is looking for a Production Manager for CAN Festival 2023 and two to three CAN Productions (the majority of which will form part of...

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