Climate Exploration Cookbook: Workshop Registration

氣候探索食譜: 工作坊參與者招募

Food and climate change are inextricably linked. From food miles to farming methods, food poverty to crop failures to demand for out of season ingredients– what we decide to cook can really make a difference to the planet.

We are calling for Chinese Londoners interested in cooking, Chinese food culture and climate change to join us for 3 delicious workshops, exploring what we can do to tackle the climate crisis through our cooking and eating habits.  We will experiment together to create a series of low carbon cooking recipes that reflect our collective identities and the different histories of the Chinese diaspora in the UK.

Join 2 virtual workshops led by Ling Tan on 23 June and 30 June from 6:30 -7:30pm, and a physical workshop on 10 July from 1-2:30pm at the London Chinese Community Centre in Chinatown. Together we will develop 1-2 low carbon cooking recipes by modifying popular Chinese dishes through re-inventing ingredients (e.g. cutting down meat), looking at different cooking methods and tackling food waste. At the end, everyone will interpret and cook the dishes in their own kitchen and then share it with each other while reflecting on our experience

No expertise is required. Covid safety measures will be in place for the physical workshop or you can choose to attend virtually.

To sign up, please fill out this form by 14th June. For any further queries, please contact us at Participants must be 16+. Places are limited so sign up soon!

Climate Exploration Cookbook is a pilot project by Ling Tan, commissioned by Chinese Arts Now and Season for Change.


我們正在尋找住在倫敦的華裔參與者,與我們一起通過烹飪和飲食習慣探討應對氣候危機的可能性。以食物為起點來探索我們與環境的關係, 參與者將嘗試創建一系列能反映倫敦華裔身份和背景的低碳烹飪食譜。

感興趣的參與者將加入由Ling Tan領導的2項線上活動和1項位於唐人街的倫敦華人社區中心的活動。參與者將一起修改選定的中式菜餚, 通過重新調整食材(例如減少肉類),探討烹飪方法和避免浪費食物,從而製定1-2種低碳烹飪食譜。最後,每個參與者將在自己的廚房烹飪選定的菜餚,然後與其他參與者分享,同時也分享自己的心得。



氣候探索食譜是藝術家Ling Tan試驗計劃,由Chinese Arts Now(和 Season for Change(委託創作。

Led by Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin, Season for Change is supported by Arts Council England and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Ling Tan

Ling Tan是名位於英國的新加坡設計師,藝術家,製作者和程序师。最初受過建築師培訓,她的作品使用新科技來探索人與環境的互動,以及人們在解決城市周圍與社會複雜問題方面的集體幫助和責任。她的工作使她與不同的社區人士接觸並一起工作,並利用新科技讓他們以一種有趣且富有表現力的方式表達意見,以幫助他們了解周圍的環境,並共同探討不同環境問題比如公共安全,空氣質量,氣候變化,性別和種族等問題。她自己設計,製作和編程她的作品,從可穿戴科技,互动艺术,Web平台,手機應用程序到物聯網(IoT)工具。她的作品在國際舞台例如龐畢度中心(法國),維多利亞和阿爾伯特博物館(英國)和巴比肯中心(英國)等地方展覽過。

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