CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE is a digital arts encounter between contemporary British Chinese artists and William Waldorf Astor’s architectural fantasia on the Embankment. Artists have been invited to respond to the historical context and architecture of this extraordinary neo-Gothic mansion, one of London’s hidden gems.

Using a variety of media, they examine the very different immigration experiences of the wealthy and influential like the American millionaire William Waldorf Astor who built Two Temple Place in 1895 and the largely poor Chinese people who have been emigrating to the UK from that time until now.

CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE is Digital Exhibition, two ‘live’ Performances plus workshops, talks, tours and opportunities to speak to the artists and curators.

This ambitious new Chinese Arts Now production, co-produced with Two Temple Place was conceived and led by CAN’s artistic director An-Ting Chang.

Exhibition artists: Chloe Wing, Donald Shek, Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Jack Tan
Curators: Rebecca Hone, Jodie Gilliam

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