Ways of Being Together – Movement Workshop

6th October 2018

13:30 - 18:00

Event Information

Ways of Being Together – A movement workshop led by Jo Fong

This session is suitable for people who love to move and are interested in moving together: dancers, actors, circus folk, pilates teachers, Japanese drummers, martial arts… experts and non-experts. Choreographer Jo Fong leads a warm-up followed by pair work, group work and games that she has devised and developed as part of her creative process. Working from the inside of the body to the outside and using guided improvisation, the process incorporates a sense of play and experimentation. Jo is interested in spontaneity and authentic encounters. The interaction is live and people adapt, make room, save, lead, follow, get out of the way, care, grow an energy and awareness, whether that be spacial, a shared joke or about the knowledge of what each human carries with them.

Suitable for all aged 16+.

About Jo Fong
Jo Fong is a director, choreographer and performer working in dance, film, theatre, opera and the visual arts. Jo’s practice is influenced by her eclectic experiences in many dance and theatre making processes and performance. She has performed with companies such as Rosas (Belgium), DV8 Physical Theatre and Rambert Dance Company. Current projects and collaborations include Wallflower and Engish with Quarantine and National Theatre Wales, Neither Here Nor There with artist and writer Sonia Hughes and An Invitation… as part of LEAP Festival in Liverpool. Jo is an Associate Artist with Chinese Arts Now (CAN) and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and this project forms research for a new commission entitled Assemble for CAN Festival, 2020.

This event is presented by Chinese Arts Now.


Venue: Royal Festival Hall - Blue Roon

Duration: 5 hours