The Orang Collectif Workshops

3rd - 4th April 2021

Go through your recycling bin and cupboards. LET’S CREATE!


Go through your recycling bin and cupboards. LET’S CREATE!

Join the Orang Collectif on 2 fun adventures learning about sound and storytelling.

1. Music Workshop: Discover where sound comes from and how to make your own sound instrument using objects found around your house.

2. Theatre Workshop: Embark on a story telling adventure and learn how to make your own puppets using items found around your house!

Both workshops focus on the use of recycled and repurposed items, providing participants with tools to create their own performances.

Recommended Age: 4 & up (Children below 6yrs must be accompanied)
Duration: 45mins



The Orang Collectif

The Orang Collectif is a new cross-disciplinary, multicultural collective telling critical and engaging stories using Southeast Asian and Western theatrical forms. They recently created The Tree of Objects (bilingual children’s theatre about recycling, repurposing, and being mindful of the environment) supported by CAN. An Odyssey (ongoing project - inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, investigating identity and immigration against London’s zeitgeist) in residency and presented at Third Angel’s Mentoring Scheme ’17, Omnibus’ Engine Room ’18 and The Sane Asylum ’18. They also co-produced with Joly Licks two indie live art events in a Victorian house in Shepard’s Bush, The Sane Asylum (2018) and The Giving (Sept 2020, on Zoom)

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