Room: Daniel Phung

‘Room’ is a short dance film that tells a compelling story of a woman and a man, and how they’re lack of freedom has become they’re forced reality.


ROOM is a short dance film by Daniel Phung & Kayleigh Price inviting us to join their personal journey exploring identity, need for connection and space. This thought-provoking short film tackles mental health, belonging, hopes and dreams as they navigate the ever changing creative landscape – incorporating a fusion of art practices for a breath-taking audience experience.




Daniel Phung

Daniel Phung

Daniel is an British East-Asian performance artist and the artistic director of Company Nil. Daniel has worked as a dancer/actor, credits include; National Theatre, Company Chameleon, ZooNation. As the director of Company Nil, Daniel focuses on telling socio-political stories; previously creating works on Grief (Depart - Commission) and Cultural Masculinity (Blowin’ In The Wind UK Tour).

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