Queer Illustration showcase via Queering Now Instagram

5th - 12th June 2021

1-week IG 2D work showcase via QN Instagram: artists @bangbangrudy and @zhudansiyu


1-week IG 2D work showcase via QN Instagram: artists @bangbangrudy and @zhudansiyu

A new Queering Now IG video series featuring @bangbangrudy introducing his work, research and creative approach will be released @Queering.Now

Zhu Dansiyu 朱丹絲語 

“ I love you, my girlfriend.
I love you for liberating my uterus and my fallopian tubes.
I love you for not buying my reproductive rights with marriage.
I love you for not treating my body as a farm. I love you for you, and for me.”

Being both a female and a citizen prompts me to explore inwardly to reveal the native identity of my background, my cross-cultural education, and my ideology of gender. I am working on female protest and anti-gaze and responding to the injustice faced by women today, as well as their specific difficulties in the marriage system.


(Image credit: Mating Under Gaze 2019, digital painting, 63.8*90.3 cm, Zhu Dansiyu 朱丹絲語)


Zhu Dansiyu 朱丹絲語

Zhu Dansiyu is an illustrator and digital painter. She graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, China, BA in Animation in 2014 and went on to work as a character designer in the production of mobile and PC games such as The Lost Empire(2014) and Shang Gu Jie Ling (2015). Dansiyu has a great passion for classical Chinese painting. She employs digital techniques to expand traditional content, narrates contemporary, individual, edgy, and borderline stories, and iterate classical motifs in this traditional art. Dansiyu advocates the idea of “Women`s Drawing” and works with image metaphor, context interpretation, creative writing, and the free association process of psychoanalysis. She is now based in Guangzhou and working as a character designer of the NetEase Games and devoted to a project that can practice her research results. Exhibitions: Les Is More, Work-in-Progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2020; The Neighbor, Tate Britain Archive, London, 2019; Hear My Voice, Canal Museum, London, 2019. Awards: Merit Award, Ijungle illustration Award, 2020; Finalists and selected work, Brightness Award, 2020

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