Marathon of Intimacies: Jo Fong and Anushiye Yarnell

11th March 2021


Marathon of Intimacies is a film that explores an ongoing series of choreographies in conversation.


Marathon of Intimacies is a film that explores an ongoing series of choreographies in conversation. Created and performed by Anushiye Yarnell and Jo Fong. There will be a live discussion post film with the creators chaired by Tuyet Van Huynh. Marathon is a word associated with endurance and winning. Intimacy is overused in describing performance. These two words, marathon and intimacy don’t fit together All the intimacies that have been part of our lives, could they be with us while we’re dancing?

Credits: Filmmaker and photography by Lara Ward.
Thanks to Surf the Wave, Chapter Arts Centre, Chinese Arts NowPenpynfarch, Arts Council of Wales and Groundwork Pro.



Jo Fong

Jo Fong is an artist who lives and works in Cardiff. Her work reflects the need in these times for people to come together. Jo’s working practice is an evolving, interactive and playful approach and it puts ideas around belonging or forming community in the forefront. Cultivated through face-to-face contact, it's about connection and how we communicate or live together This will be the third time Jo is part of CAN Festival. In 2019 she presented Neither Here Nor There Which was created and performed with artist Sonia Hughes and in 2020 Ways of Being Together, was a mass collaborative performance at Shoreditch Town Hall. For this residency Jo is excited to be re-connecting with some of these collaborators.

Anushiye Yarnell

Anushiye is an interdisciplinary dance maker and performer whose work is drawn from personal experience, past and  future  mythologies. Her works examine the intersection of dream and fantasy realms with ordinary life. “Dance is a way of treasuring that which is at once beautiful and difficult about life. For me dance is embedded within the ephemeral, fallible, sensory, cellular and temporal. I dance through an assemblage of scores occupying the questions I have about life- including death, humanity including the animal and the divine, love including the polarities of survival.. I see my performance as a habitat to dissemble segregative forces in society and civilisation which play out in gender, class, race and age. I seek exchangeable sovereignties- forces of anti segregation which do not compromise the distinct and vivifying voices of difference which resound within perceptual and experiential realms.” My curiosity about the nature of Love as an orbital axis of Humanity has led me to curate as well as make work for three international performance Platforms- Animal Love, Heavenly Love and Future of Love Projects, bringing together artists from Japan, Peru, Korea and the UK; unravelling Love as a question of human identity and understanding.

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