Horizon Showcase – Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Every Dollar Is a Soldier

24th - 29th August 2021

CAN makes its Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut in the Horizon Showcase 2021


Every dollar is a soldier/ With money you’re a dragon

A virtual promenade performance. Mixing gaming and 3D technology, this experimental production fuses original music, virtual performances and a new script exploring the migrant experience from the poorest of Chinese sailors who jumped ship in the East End, to the richest of men like William Waldorf Astor, the eccentric founder of Two Temple Place who migrated to the UK from the USA.

Set ‘after hours’ in a digital art gallery inspired by Two Temple Place, the neo-Gothic mansion founded by Astor, with multiple online players, audiences are visible to each other as their chosen avatar, exploring the performance and the gallery in their own ways.

As we travel through, we meet choreographer and dancer Si Rawlinson, musicians Wang Xiao and Cheng Yu playing An-Ting Chang’s contemporary new score that mixes Chinese instruments with the electronic style, and meet Astor himself, played by Daniel York Loh, whose poetic and powerful narration runs throughout the performance.

The gallery has been created as a response to the dazzling interiors of Two Temple Place. These artists not only surprise and engage; they ask new questions about the building, history and the people who commissioned, crafted and built this extraordinary architectural fantasia in central London.

Performances are at 1 pm and 7 pm BST every day, while the gallery exhibition will be open 24/7 for anyone to explore throughout the showcase.

Writer & Performer Daniel York Loh
Director & Composer An-Ting Chang
Designer Christine Ting–Huan 挺欢 Urquhart
Creative Technologist Ian Gallagher
Choreographer/Dancer Si Rawlinson
Musicians Wang Xiao (erhu), Cheng Yu (pipa)
Performer/Artist Chloe Wing
Director of Photography Zhou Ning, Adam Ryzman
Interface Designer Rich Brown @ rvlvagency
Co-produced by Chinese Arts Now and Two Temple Place


Horizon is a vibrant new performance showcase designed to celebrate visionary artists and cultural leaders, currently making work in England.

Born out of a new approach to build deep and sustainable collaborations, this pilot year delivers an exploratory programme of presentations and residencies that connects new work and ideas with international partners during the Edinburgh festivals in August 2021.

Horizon has been commissioned by Arts Council England, and delivered by a consortium made of Battersea Arts Centre, Dance4, Fierce Festival, GIFT, MAYK and Transform.



Performance FAQs

How do I watch the performance?

You can watch the performance on a laptop or desktop computer. You will receive a unique link on the day of the performance and a reminder 15 minutes before the performance. The performance page can take some time to load so we recommend accessing the link at least 15 minutes before the performance. We recommend using headphones and closing down other applications, programmes and browser tabs during the performance for the best experience.

If your link does not work then contact info@chineseartsnow.org.uk and someone will help you.

Please note that mobile phones and tablets are not suitable for accessing the production.

 What should I expect?

You will be able to enter the performance space ahead of the performance by clicking the link you receive and explore the empty virtual gallery. A message on the gallery interface will tell you how long it is until the performance starts. At the start of the show, your avatar will automatically be taken to the starting point for the performance. Actors, dancers and musicians will populate the space during the show – if you do not see them, either refresh the page to reload or press H for help, to access the livestream instead.

 How do I interact during the performance?

During the performance, audience members can use the controls to look and move around the space.

Each audience member will be given a choice of avatar and you will be able to see each other’s avatars throughout to recreate the shared experience of watching a live performance.

You can interact with other audience members or show your reaction to the performance using the bow, spin and heart functions.

 Do I need to know about gaming or technology to enjoy the performance? Do I need gaming equipment?

No, although the performance uses gaming technology, we do not expect audiences to have a knowledge of gaming. We have tested the performances with a range of people including those with little technological experience.

You do not need gaming equipment, but please make sure to use a laptop or computer rather than your phone. Your device must have either a keyboard or a controller and you need to use Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera browsers.

Can I share my performance link?

No, you will be issued with a unique link to access the performance which will only work once for your booked performance. If you share the link with someone else, only one of you will be able to access the performance.

Can I pause or rewind the performance?

No, each performance is live with unique interactions with your fellow audience members so you cannot pause or rewind the performance.

What happens if I cannot join the performance from the start?

If you are running late, you can still join the performance. You will see the content from the point at which you join not from the start. Alternatively, contact info@chineseartsnow.org.uk and if we have capacity, we can move your booking to another date.

What happens if the performance freezes?

If the performance freezes, refresh the page and it will load again. You then have the option to either rejoin the performance or to watch the livestream of the performance if you are worried about further connectivity issues. If you rejoin the performance, your avatar will automatically be generated near the performers so you do not need to worry about navigating to find the performance within the gallery. The livestream will allow you to watch the performance but you will not be able to control your movements or avatar reactions during the show. You can ask for the livestream link via info@chineseartsnow.org.uk or press H for help in the exhibition to access the link.

What happens if the performance does not load?

On the loading page, there is a link available to allow you to watch a livestream of the performance in case the performance does not load on your computer. You can also ask for this link via info@chineseartsnow.org.uk This will allow you to watch the performance but you will not be able to control your movements or avatar reactions during the show.

What is the suggested age guidance for the performance?

Due to the subject matter, the performance is suitable for children aged 14 and over.  For those under 18, we recommend watching the performance together with an adult.

How can I learn more about the themes covered in the performance?

You can visit the virtual CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE gallery space at any time

You can learn more about Two Temple Place at https://twotempleplace.org/

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