Workshops & Talks

This series of talks, tours and workshops is a fascinating look behind the scenes and at the inspiration and techniques of the CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE exhibition artists.


“In the dazzling interiors of Two Temple Place contemporary artworks not only surprise and engage, they ask new questions about the building and the people who commissioned, crafted and built it. The partnership with Chinese Arts Now marks an important new programme of work for Two Temple Place, opening up the building to contemporary artists to respond, animate and reinterpret.”

Anneliese Davidsen, director of Two Temple Place

Past Events:


Chinese Arts Now and Two Temple Place are delighted to invite you to the launch of our site-specific digital exhibition. Join us for your first chance to discover mesmerising works by artists Chloe Wing, Donald Shek, Jack Tan and Jasmin Kent-Rodgman, incorporating new music and spoken text in a new 3D world.

Originally conceived as a live exhibition for Two Temple Place, CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE has evolved into an exciting new arts encounter, experienced in an original digital space. Led by An-Ting Chang and designed by Christine Ting – Huan  Urquhart, the exhibition combines the easy navigation of gaming with the content of an arts exhibition.

Exhibition artists: Chloe Wing, Donald Shek, Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Jack Tan
Curators: Rebecca Hone, Jodie Gilliam
Erhu musician (Film): Wang Xiao
Writer (Film): Daniel York Loh
Designer: Christine Ting – Huan  Urquhart
Director & Composer: An-Ting Chang
Tech Partner: Ian Gallagher
Photographer: Johan Persson

CAN Performance and Roundtable Discussion: Creativity in legal practice

An event for lawyers and those interested in the law, this roundtable discussion explores the relationship between the law and creativity, and particularly the experience of lawyers of East and South East Asian heritage in the UK. We will be looking at questions such as ‘Is the law creative?’, ‘Does creativity make us better lawyers?’ and ‘Is Asian or Chinese creativity unique in any way?’

Creating Digital Arts and Music: Inspiration from London Chinatown and Two Temple Place

Join CAN’s Artistic Director An-Ting Chang and artist Donald Shek to hear about their collaboration on Augmented Chinatown 2.0 and work responding to Two Temple Place.

Participants will learn how to create their own music or augmented reality (AR), and will be able to keep a small app of the music/AR they create at the end of the workshop.

Workshop: Papercutting with Chloe Wing

Join fine-artist Chloe Wing as she introduces you to her paper-cutting practice and leads you through a workshop to make your own paper cut card inspired by her new work for CAN x Two Temple Place exhibition.

CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE Residency Open Studio

Join residency artists from the CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE festival partnership for a virtual studio housewarming on Saturday 13 March 2021. Artists Chloe Wing (London), Christine Ting – Huan 挺欢 Urquhart (Glasgow), Donald Shek (London) and Jack Tan (Dumfries & Galloway) have been on a virtual residency together for 3-4 weeks, sharing their practices and discussing a range of topics from East Asian identities and Chinese heterotopias to craft attention and curatorial care.

These discussions are only just beginning and the artists are launching an online studio space as a place for their continuing discussion and as a walk-through sketchbook that will document their collective thinking in the coming months. The virtual studio will be open to the public 12pm-6pm on Saturday 13 March where visitors will be able to see initial documentation of various themes that have emerged from the last few weeks, and to meet some of the artists.

The open studio will take place on the virtual world platform Gather which enables you to interact with others through an avatar and video calls. You do not need to download software or create an account – simply click on the link, add your name when prompted, grant camera/microphone permissions and you are ready to go!


Join CAN’s Artistic Director An-Ting Chang and Director of Two Temple Place Anneliese Davidsen, to discover how the exhibition artists have explored the relationship of their work with William Waldorf Astor’s architectural fantasia on the Embankment.


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