CAN heads into Autumn with a rich combination of technology and the arts and with some amazing collaborations between artists from different disciplines.

We’re launching two artistic projects– CAN Digital Commission No 2 相 / Phase by Seph Li and the upgraded Augmented Chinatown 2.0 APP developed for the Festival earlier this year.

They are both part of CAN’s mission to provide cultural experiences that can be enjoyed right now, despite the strange and restricted times we find ourselves in.

Creative coder and media artist Seph Li is from Beijng, via LA and now lives in London. His piece 相 / Phase is experienced via your computer and smartphone and is an exploration of the parallels between ancient Daoist thoughts and new ideas in quantum physics. Available now in Mandarin and English.

Augmented Chinatown 2.0 launches on September 15 with a new and improved interface. Using this APP, spend an hour in Chinatown and explore this fascinating district with the help of your guide, playwright Joel Tan. You’ll hear mini audio dramas and new music that brings the streets to life and see a fantastic overlay of augmented reality – layering a computer generated world on top of the real one – all via your phone screen and headphones. Download from the APP Store for £4.99.

There is also a version with just the tour and audio (no AR) available for android on google play for £2.99.
Both versions can be done on location or at home though for the full AR experience on iOS you need to be in Chinatown.

On Wednesday 30 September CAN will host a FREE digital technology and arts Q&A with Seph Li and Donald Shek about their work with CAN and the crossovers between technology and the arts. Book your FREE place now!

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