Coalesce 东弦西渐

19th February 2020

20:00 - 21:45


Join Chinese Arts Now in partnership with the Poetry Translation Centre for a unique night featuring the talents of post-90s Chinese poet, Yu Yoyo, and the CAN Collective, creating new music that captures the spirit of both classical Chinese instruments and contemporary electronic music.


Coalesce brings together the talents of the UK’s finest classical Chinese instrumentalists (Cheng Yu, Wang Xiao and Charlie Cawood), concert pianist An-Ting Chang, and the genre-defying electronic musician DJ QuestionMark. Together they explore the contrasts and synergy between Eastern and Western musical traditions to create new music that captures the spirit of both traditional Chinese music and contemporary electronic music.

Blending together the sounds of turntables, piano, guqin, and erhu, the musicians create an immersive and mesmerising backdrop for the poems of Yu Yoyo, a post-90s Chinese poet, read live on stage by Yu’s translator AK Blakemore.

This unique concert promises to open your eyes to new musical possibilities. Produced by Chinese Arts Now in partnership with Poetry Translation Centre.

Supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.


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