Citizens of Nowhere?

7th October 2018

14:00 - 14:45


A unique and immersive drama exploring British Chinese identity in modern day Britain.


Citizens of Nowhere?
Part of the Southbank Centre’s China Changing Festival

A co-production between Chinese Arts Now and Beijing 707N Theatre, Citizens of Nowhere? is an immersive, involving and unique drama exploring generational and cultural identities within a British Chinese family. Equipped with headphones, audiences will eavesdrop on a conversation between a British Chinese mother, Linda Lo and her son, Jun Chi and daughter Jane played by actors on a nearby table. The script is by Ming Ho (BBC Radio 4, Writers’ Guild Awards 2018) and offers a glimpse the inner lives of fellow citizens, at a time when they are questioning what it means to be British or British Chinese, “citizens of the world” or “citizens of nowhere”.

Please note, we will be running two performances on Sunday 7th October of this production at the below times:
– 14.00pm – 14.45pm
– 16.00pm – 16.45pm



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