We are delighted to announce that CAN X Two Temple Place Digital Exhibition and Immersive Performance: Every Dollar Is A Soldier/With Money You’re A Dragon has been shortlisted for the Digital Culture Awards.

CAN is one of 5 shortlisted entries in the Digital Storytelling category. The winner will be chosen by public vote and announced at a virtual event on 20 January. 

The story of CAN X Two Temple Place Digital Exhibition and Immersive Performance: Every Dollar Is A Soldier/With Money You’re A Dragon 

In 2021 Two Temple Place and Chinese Arts Now embarked in an ambitious partnership. Neither had any idea of the adventure that was in store! Four Chinese artists working in contemporary genres were invited to explore and respond to the extraordinary spaces of William Waldorf Astor’s Neo-Gothic mansion on Embankment. Initially these artists Chloe Wing, Donald Shek and Jasmin Kent-Rodgmen planned to fill the gallery spaces with their work and to present live promenade performances with other artists Director/Composer An-Ting Chang, choreographer/performer Si Rawlinson, writer/performer Daniel York Loh and musicians Wang Xiao and Cheng Yu.

Then came the second round of covid restrictions.

The artists ingeniously adapted and created new ways of showing their work online creating a digital gallery https://chineseartsnow.org.uk/two-temple-place/ running online tours and workshops and Every Dollar Is A Soldier/With Money You’re A Dragon was born as a digital performance in place of the in-person events that could no longer happen. They were joined by designer Christine Ting–Huan Urquhart and Creative Technologist Ian Gallagher to create a virtual world using gaming technology and 3D design. 


William Waldorf Astor who built Two Temple Place was part of one of the great immigrant dynasty success stories. His family rubbed shoulders with Presidents and owned huge sections of New York, but Astor eventually fled America for England in search of a new place to belong.

 In Every Dollar Is A Soldier/With Money You’re A Dragon, writer and performer Daniel York Loh unravels Astor’s apparent success story in comparison to the migration of Chinese people, at one time the biggest migrators on the planet – blown across the globe by famine, poverty, instability.

 “One of the greatest powers of storytelling is that people can find empathy for any character. Astor and the British Chinese people in this production seem to be extremely different people, in ethnicity, cultural origin and class, but they have unifying elements with an interesting resonance in their immigrant status and the pressure money exerts on them” An-Ting Chang – Director/Composer

For more about the project, the artists and team involved and Two Temple Place please read the programme notes: https://chineseartsnow.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/EveryDragon_programme.pdf


Exhibition artists: Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Donald Shek, Jack Tan, Chloe Wing.

Jack Tan’s ‘Hearings’ formed part of the CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE exhibition from 20th February 2021 – 21st March 2021. Jack decided not to take part in the exhibition extension period.

Writer & Performer Daniel York Loh

Director & Composer An-Ting Chang

Designer Christine Ting–Huan Urquhart

Creative Technologist Ian Gallagher

Choreographer/Dancer Si Rawlinson

Musicians Wang Xiao (erhu), Cheng Yu (pipa)

Performer/Artist Chloe Wing

Director of Photography Zhou Ning, Adam Ryzman

Curators: Rebecca Hone, Jodie Gilliam

Photographer: Johan Persson

Interface Designer Rich Brown @ rvlvagency

Film partner: Broadley Studio

Co-produced by Chinese Arts Now and Two Temple Place

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