At CAN we believe that the arts survive and prosper through the work of artists. The traditional model of permanent manager and freelance artists can lead to the creation of artistic “gatekeepers” and thus to a narrow view of what work should be produced and by and for whom.  

It does not place artists at its core and creates a hierarchy between artists and organisations that is often not helpful in the creation of excellent artworks. 

In particular for CAN, without a wider input, it is less possible to accurately reflect the ideas, needs and feedback of CAN’s British Chinese communities and very difficult to maintain a high standard multi genre programme.

In response to this, CAN is evolving its structure to provide more artists with both guaranteed funding and a greater input into the overall decision making process. CAN is delighted to announce that we are recruiting up to three Associate Artistic Directors, to work with current Artistic Director An-Ting Chang, to enrich the organisation with different artistic disciplines and skills. 

Application deadline: Monday 18 October 2021 5pm

For details and to apply visit

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