When Pamela Carter was looking for collaborators for her new short film, Duck Rabbit, a commission from CAN and Yellow Earth Theatre, she immediately thought of theatre designer Christine 挺欢 Urquhart.

Although they have never met, through working together on this project they have created an incredibly strong, creative partnership. Christine was born in England and is half English, half Taiwanese, and in a perfect position to identify with the themes of Duck Rabbit. She has created the amazing visuals to Pamela’s writing.

A former fine art painter and sculptor, Christine now works in theatre and film as a set & costume designer and art director, having spent 7 years of her career abroad seeking new forms of performance in Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. She discovered theatre (live performance) later in life in 2008, beginning her career with non-verbal pieces in dance and physical theatre –  moving through to collaborations on new writing. Her work questions viewpoints and narrative structure and form, the body as a political statement, the audience as witnesses and is responsive to space as a design provocateur.

Her work was Dora Nominated (Canada, 2019) for ‘Outstanding Costume Design’ for Iphegenia and the Furies (On Taurian Land) with Saga Collectif, costuming Indigenous, Settler and Black bodies in a reimagined Greek text and for ‘Outstanding Set Design’ for Antigone:方 with Young People’s Theatre, where she transformed a traditional pros arch theatre to an in-the-round configuration and viscerally placed the audience on the outskirts of a conflict zone.

She was most recently the recipient of a ‘Lead By Design’ bursary project in association with Grid Iron and Design Association The Envelope Room, completed a residency with Surge exploring design in 360 degree film and virtual reality and has been commissioned by Visible Fictions and Imaginate to create a series of Stop Motion short films.

Duck Rabbit is a ‘double’ film imagining the correspondence between Pamela Carter’s two grandmothers, Chia Miau Lang in Singapore and Phyllis Carter in Lancaster. Both were born around the turn of the 20th century but never met one another in real life. Launches 14 October 2020.

Antigone:, Young People’s Theatre

Directors: Stephen Colella & Karn Gilodo /Set & Costume Design: Christine 挺欢 Urquhart

Lighting Design: Rebecca Picherak /Sound Design: David Mesiha


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