We are the platform for all British Chinese artists. We encourage transnational collaborations and support and inspire a new generation of aspiring Chinese artists to pursue careers in the arts.

We produce and curate high quality art that is imaginative, diverse, vibrant and accessible and which reflects Chinese stories and elements in contemporary and innovative ways. We are the go to organisation for experimentation rooted in the classical tradition.


Chinese Arts Now (CAN) is the first National Portfolio Organisation supported by the Arts Council England representing British Chinese artists. CAN was founded in 2005 as a not-for- profit arts organisation (formerly Chinese/Chinatown Arts Space) to develop and commission excellent contemporary British Chinese performing and visual artists, and to create a bridge for collaborations with artists of Chinese and East Asian origin. There is a fantastic pool of talent of British Chinese artists making innovative work. There is not yet a platform for that talent to be represented. CAN aims to be that platform.

In the past CAN has built an extensive network of partner organisations interested in Chinese talent, for example Southbank Centre, Linbury Studio, Tamasha, Yellow Earth, Dance Umbrella, The Place, PRS Foundation, Asia House and Chopsticks Club. CAN also has a close relationship with regional companies such as Pagoda Arts and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts in North West England.

British Chinese
By way of clarification, our British Chinese definition includes any person now living in the United Kingdom who is of Chinese descent, irrespective of their, or their family’s country of birth. There are persons whose family is of Chinese descent living in many countries of the world. If they are now living in the United Kingdom, then they fall within our British Chinese family definition. Thus our use of ‘British Chinese’ covers a wide, dynamic group of artists who identify with both the United Kingdom and their Chinese origins.



An-Ting Chang

CEO & Artistic Director 

Ruth Holdsworth

Senior Producer

Jodie Gilliam

General Manager

David Hepburn

Branding & Marketing Manager


Christine Yau MBE (Chairman)
Nicholas James (Vice Chairman)
Hanue Chan (Treasurer)

Image credits: Main banner image: Lao  Liu Qi © Zhu Kai